Part 17 – Epilogue

I have lost track of time, not slept much or if I have not properly. It is an excellent way to loose weight by the way. Don’t sleep much, and because you are so tired, you tend to eat less because you are so tired. And it just becomes a circle.
It is never easy to go back, especially after you have called a war torn cities home, but the Mawla has made it easy to leave. He has soothes the heart when it has needed comfort. Inshallah I sincerely hope to return again.
It has been an excellent trip, the company has really made the trip, and upon reflection, that is more often than not, what makes a trip for me. It was just that added bonus.
My advice to those who want to go. Just go, don’t wait, just go. It will re-uplift your heart and your mind, you will feel contentment on a completely new level. Make the intention to go, and pray to be invited. Inshallah, your time will come to go.
Once you are there, enjoy spending time with the Imam, just chill there. Pray Dua, Qur’an, Salaat, and just contemplate. You would be suprised how far your mind is streched and reinvigorated. Go with an open heart and mind, and Allah and the Imam will fill your heart and mind with their love.
Do what floats your boat, don’t wait for other people to go to the Haraam, otherwise you will spend most of your time just waiting. Have the strength and just go. If you don’t like going on your own, ask the Imam for help, and he will aid you.
My trip changed my life. I feel so relaxed, despite having to sit an exam in a month, despite not having a secure job, but I know Allah will ensure everything work out for me.
Just go, don’t wait. And when (it’s when not if with the right intention) you go, send my Salaams and keep me and my family in your Duas.
Baynul Haramain

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