Part 3 – Maghrib in Kadhimiya

Getting off the plane at Baghdad, I could feel a certain sadness in the air. We were heading to Kadhmain where the 7th and 9th Imam are buried. I was told that after Imam Hussain, Imam Kadhim was the most madhloom-ed Imam. He was in jail where it was so small and couldn’t stand properly and he kept moving from jail to jail because he kept reforming people. His body was body was also not buried for 3 days after his death.


When I entering the haraam, I found the “asking permission” dua beautiful. You praise Allah, the Messenger and asking permission to enter to the Imam. Inside was just stunning. It was extremely sukoon-y, and you just felt content just sitting there. You almost forget yourself and just bask in the aura of the Imams.

I prayed Salatul Maghrib under the night sky in congregation, which is one of my favourite things about going for ziyarat. It is one thing to pray in congregation, but another to pray under of of Allah’s creation – truly spectacular.

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