Part 4 – Fajr in Kadhimiyya

I begin in the Name of God I went to the haraam for fajr and we went at the time when it was opening at 4am. We got there a little early and had to wait outside. It reminded me of when the scholars used to wait until they got permission.

I went straight into the zarih, and Inshallah prayed for everyone. It wasn’t busy at all and you could touch it and hold it to your (relatively) heart’s content. I recited the Ziyarat facing the Zarih and Qibla which was of course excellent.

Of course, the way forward is praying under the stars. We have to move because there wasn’t that many people – so therefore there was no partition and it worked really well, the Imam was right in front and you could see him.

The men’s entrance to the Zarih area is just picturesque because you see it through the door. The curtains have the block the view and you see the doorway built with gold. The curtains preventing you from seeing the full zarih. When you see the zarih which has silver bars which makes you want to hold until the earth stands still.

There was a Mawkib from Iran and I sat among the them, a masaib was being recited. Hearing the masaib, with the view of Imam Kadhim and Imam Jawad truly puts a tear in your eyes. I said my final wida, which part of it goes

It is a final salutation, not final or intentional; Nor because of fatigue or disinterestedness

which was very fitting as to how are you supposed to tell them you are leaving. It was was to be leaving such a sukoon  place, and rather heart wrenching. It made it better I was going to his grandfather via his children and grandchildren.

I send my Salaams to you O Imam Kadhim and Imam Jawadain.

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