Part 7 – Arrival in Karbala

I have arrived.

I saw Abbas in all his grandeur as the bus pulled into Karbala. Upon getting off and walking to the hotel you see how he is the moon and lit up the night sky with his aura.

It was important for me to be refreshed and to be ready to see Hussain and Abbas. I ate, I did ghusl and freshened up; ready to see the man who gave everything he had in Karbala and the man who couldn’t bear to see a young girl without water and died fighting for it.
I left around midnight and walked towards Baynul Haramain, you could see different Mawkibs doing Latmiyah. What came into my mind when I saw this was Husayn never dies.
I would like to note at this point, the night before I had perhaps 3-4 hours sleep, and my body is shattered, my eyes are probably bloodshot, but my mind and soul are reinvigorated in the presence of the son of Zahra.
Walking through Baynul Haramain, you see Hussain and you see Abbas, who do you go to see first is always the eternal question. When I was going, I was advised to ask for Dua when you see the dome of Hussain for the first time. You see the dome for the first time and you literally forget yourself, you are just humbled by it. I was so humbled that Hussain invited me to him, I just forgot to ask for Dua. The golden dome just sits there as if time goes on, but Hussain, Hussain stands still.
Tears are brought to your eyes, just by the sight of his Dome.
I went inside and you say the Dukhul (permission to enter Dua) at the door. But what I saw was the lovers of Hussain, in the Sahan doing Latom. I’ve seen this on Youtube many times, but seeing it first hand was truly spectacular. As I looked up you saw the dome of Hussain, and that, words cannot describe the emotion I felt. Breakdown in front of Hussain was the most liberating thing I’d done. I walked into the Sahan, round the Latom and came to the entrance of the Zarih. It was almost hard to enter, because I had waited for this for so long, its unexplainable in words created by mortals to understand how I felt. It’s raw emotion, emotion that you find in the Haraam for Imam Husayn.
Alhamdullilah there weren’t that many people ar the Zarih, so I got to touch it no problem. This is due to 2 things: One, it was like literally the early hours of the morning, also they have a new queue system, where there are lines – perfect for the British way of Life.
We went to Abu Fadhil and that moment in Baynul Haramain in between the two shrines, such gloriousness.
In Abbas’ shrine, it is a different sort of atmosphere, it’s hard to explain.
But you appreciate his loftiness and his loyalty to Hussain, never leaving his side unless told. Such is the Akhlaq of Abbas.
It was now 3 hours till Fajr, if I went to sleep now I wouldn’t be able to wake up for Fajr. We went back to the hotel, wudhu etc, had some tea and went back again. There was much more rush upon our return, and we chose to sit by the wall and face the Haraam.
I had excellent company (in mortal form) – one of the Lunch Bunch, and I never imagined I would sit with this induvudal in the Haraam of Imam Husayn amongst his Lovers.
They said something quite poignant, and related the story of Zahra asking Prophet Muhammad, who will mourn the death of my son. Prophet Muhammad said there will be a community of people to mourn Hussain.
We are those people, and it was just amazing to see those people giving their salaams to their Imam.
The Sahan is like you see on TV, but you can never experience that atmosphere unless you are physically there – it’s just the aura.
So casually sitting sitting in the haraam awaiting the time of Fajr, and I was learning the rules of Tajweed. If I wasn’t doing anything, I feel it is important to educate ourselves in that which we do not know. Personally I feel that is one step to perfecting ones self, and becoming closer to the creator.
Hussain or Abbas

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