Part 8 – Sitting near Abu Fadhil

Yesterday was an incredible day. 24 hours awake, 5 Imams, 2 Imam Zadeh and Abu Fadhil…
‘Which of your Lord’s favours can you deny?’
I went to Imam Husayn’s Haraam for Zohr and Maghrib salaat – you need to go 2 hours early to make sure you get a decent spot for Salaatul Jamaa’ah.
Sitting with Husayn;s dome to my right, listening to Latom in front and surrounded by the Lovers of Husayn. May Allah keep this feeling within me forever.
We got the absolute honour and privilidge to go into the Sardar (basement) of Abu Fadhil. This was strictly just for our Kafelah and is closer to the grave of Abbas.
I got to spend time, just sitting at the foot of his Zarih, not wanting to be further away from the standard bearer of Husayn.
I have written in this book about my Tale in the Zarih and Sahan of Imam Husayn and wondered how can it get any better? It was answered just now. These words are written as near as to Abu Fadhil as I can get.
Who am I to be honoured with this honour.
Words do not flow easly because I am in awe of Abbas. Such Akhlaq – the dedication to his brother Husayn, sometime I aspire to have – perfect Akhlaq.
I hope I will never forget this experience, the aroma of his Zarih, the feeling of sitting next to Abu Fadhil, and forever feeling grateful for this opportunity.
If you are grateful, I would certainly give to you more (Surah Ibrahim, Verse 7)
We went back to the hotel and grabbed something to eat, even though we didn’t want food. We eat it so we have the strength to be able to go the Haraam. Interesting how the mentality has shifted from enjoying the food to just doing so you have the ability to please God.
We went back, and the Mawkibs were commerating Abu Fadhil, Baynul Haramain was heaving from people doing their own form of mourning and there was a real atomsphere about it.
Phones went into the Amanah, and we went into the Haraam of Imam Husaynm it is a very bittersweet moment seeing him, but your soul becomes happy and spiritually revived.
We realised it was 1145 (time is just flying), and we wanted to get to sleep, before going for Salatul Fajr.
On the way back we saw this man reciting with a fantastic voice. And it was quite literally the most spectacular thing. It is hard to put it into words, but my heart was and is still thumping when I think about it.
I, by the way, am the Mubaligha of the Wi-Fi thanks to Doctoori.
Abu Fadhil

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