Part 9 – Shah Qasim

I begin in the Name of God
Fajr at the Haraam of Imam Husayn.
I believe I had 2 hours sleep, but strength only comes from God for me being able to function on very little sleep these past few days.
On the way to the Haraam in Baynul Haramain, there was Latom, its quite literally the remembrance of Imam Husayn never sleeps.
After Fajr, I felt the culmination of a question had dinally been answered – ‘What is the meaning of Life?’
From my discussions, thoughts and theories, it is the ‘Akhira’ aka proximity to God. It is not the heaven we speak of, but for me closeness to God is heaven. And the roles the Ambiya and the Imams play is that they are closest to God, and God loves them so much.
It is also not a selfish act – ‘I’ wanting to be close to God, because you want it for everyone. Within the Fitrah, God blew a breath of himself within you, and you are trying to find yourself back to him – back home.
We always try and make Salatul Maghrib at Imam Husayn’s Haraam, after all, 1 rakaat is equivalent to 100,000 rakaats. As we went to Baynul Haramain, we saw the procession of Shah Qasim. Youth – small boys dressed in white going from Abbas to Husayn. Every person needs to see this, it’s truly spectacular Mashallah. I took a video and subsequently lost the people I was with. I looked for a while but when I didn’t see them, I rushed to the Haraam to our usual spot quite literally praying we would meet.
I went to the usual Baab and you get propelled into security because there are so many people. The key is to hold on to your chadoor, so that it is not pulled by the crowd. I got pushed out the first time by the crowd. I tried again, praying I get in, one for Salaatul Jama’ah but also my fellow companions because they shut the gates once its ‘full.’
I got in and saw the procession of Shah Qasim in full force in the Sahan of Imam Hussain. Young boys dressed in white, pure in their soul, dressed for their death, shouting ‘Haider’ with every fiber of their beings. Drums being hit as if it were battle drums coupled with trumpets. It makes you think that only a pure youth could say ‘death is sweeter than honey.’
Alhamdullilah, I found my fellow compatriots, and we quickly found a space to sit for Salaat, and reciting Ziyarat facing the Zarih. May Allah accept our actions.
I have written the second half of this from ‘We always try’ in the Sahan of Aba Abdullah with the Golden Dome to my right. A privilege and an honour.
May I forever be grateful to God for experiencing this Lovers Tale.
One the way back to Abu Fahil (there was another majalis in the Sardab), I once again lost my companions, but got really good videos, so totally worth it.
The majalis is organised by the Pakistani Kafelah’s and the Nare Haideri’s really give you goosebumps. They came from the soul.
After dinner we went to the Maqaam of Ali Akbar, Ali-Asghar and Tile Zainabiya. It was nice to see, but more of a token Ziyarat, just to put the distance in perspective.
On the way back to the hotel, at 1am in the morning, we passed and Iranian group recitinig Nohas. The Day of Ashura is coming, you can feel it. As I went back into the room, I went into bed with the sounds of ‘Hussain Mega Abu Fadhil’ from outside my window.


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