Ramadhan 2018 Musings

I begin in the Name of God

Whilst Blogging has not been my priority for a while now, perhaps I have moved on with it, yet my heart is still in it, much of my thoughts and feelings are immortalised in the words that I wrote.

Alhamdullilah, the blessed month of Ramadhan is upon us, and I have so much to be grateful. I have the ability to fast, and I have broken my fast as a community, and partaking in the community activities.

Allah gives strength to those who fast, unimaginable strength. Imagine you are fasting 19 hours and are still a functional person, able to go to work, and the local mosque when you can. Sure sleep takes a toll, but somehow you manage. And this ‘managing’ only comes from God.

May we be able to take advantage of the rest of this month, attain closeness to God and serve God in whatever capacity we have.



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