Ramadhan Reflections 2017/1438

I begin in the Name of God

This month has gone too fast. This blessed month has passed us and only God knows if we will get another opportunity to live in this month again.

It is also amazing in what the body can withstand. Not eating or drinking for 20-21 hours straight and we are still functional human beings.

When Allah says he will do something for you, he always deliverers and more. He said in the Qur’an I will make fasting easy for you in Ramadhan (2:185), and the fasts in Ramdhan are always easier than in the other months.

I have been thinking of many things throughout this month and I have decided to pen my thoughts.

1. Guaranteed food for iftar

I am blessed that there is one, always food for iftar, and two, always food that I like.


2. Imam Ali killed in Ramadhan

The Walking Qur’an was martyred in the month in which the Qur’an was revealed. How poignant.


3. Won’t pray Salah, but will fast

There are individuals who don’t pray – each to their own, I am not here to judge. But these people will fast. Regardless of their Salah that they have missed, but they can’t not fast.


4. Astaghfar for every sin

I heard once – I can’t recall where, that when you are doing the aamals for Laylatul Qadr, when reciting Astaghfar, for every recitation, think a sin for which you are asking for forgiveness


5. To Blog or not to Blog

I have accepted that I no longer have the ability to blog frequently. This simply because of time, other things in life have taken precedence, and so I have officially accepted that I can’t make goals to blog x times. I will hopefully blog when I can, but follow me on Twitter and Instagram, which I am still active on.




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