Review: Mighty Micros Robin vs Bane

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I was very much looking forward to building this set. If enjoyed the build and the look of the cars, I would definitely get the rest of the Mighty Micros.


Bags opened plus the instructions. I expected more parts, but in hindsight, it makes sense how many parts I got. It’s no modular building.

Parts all laid out in a beautiful manner

Parts left after building Robin’s car

Cars and minifigs dispalyed in their finest.
I particularly like the shape of Robin’s car – It is very bumper car-esque.
Bane’s front grey part is made up of 2 cones and 1 (what I think) a new spear part.

Bane and Robin posing for the camera
The ‘Micro’ comes from their short legs, and their cartoon faces

From the side:


I really liked this set. It gives me a chance to collect all the superheros and I wouldn’t have to pay an extortion amount of money to do so. I think it would look excellent on my monthly calendar that I display at work.

The build is a little simple, but nevertheless, I think they are definately worth the money. I am going to get the rest of them, I am not sure when, but readers, look forward to more Mighty Micro Reviews.


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