Personal Success

The other day I got asked one of the most profound questions. We were discussing my job and what I would like to do in the future; of course I replied zealously that I had a plan but for now I am just grateful to have work and money at the end of each month. But then I got asked if I am willing to do what it takes to be successful, and it hit me how empty my words were and how my life has a distinct lack of vision.

I realise that I am so consumed by daily tasks that I effectively do not care about the end result I speak of, and success does not really appeal to me. Getting through each day is more than enough hard work between a difficult workplace and an even more difficult personal life. I use the word difficult in the loosest way possible for anything stronger will just suck me back into a rut I am trying to climb out of. Any words that are stronger and I find myself resenting the life I live and the issues that surround it.

I find myself not wanting and asking for much but the real question is, am I willing to go out there and work to get it. Right now that seems like a lot of effort and energy that I cannot afford to spare. They say everything has a price that a person is willing to pay. A price for an item at a charity auction worth markedly more than if it was sold at a retail store because of the value of the cause behind the item. A price for love that people are willing to go through hell and back for. A price for fame in which often people debase themselves in the lowest way possible. A price for happiness which in my case I would just settle for peace, a smile when I get home, and space to be left alone.

I wonder, what is the real price of personal success.

– Anon

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