Tea India – Masala Chai Review

I’m a huge fan of Masala Chai, and I some time ago I bought this, and although it was one of the most delicious things I have drunk, it didn’t quite sit well with my skin (possibly due to the milk). I was on the hunt for a replacement of masala chai that I could drink at work that didn’t require milk.

After contemplating about it a great deal (perhaps too much), I decided to to purchase the Tea India brand. And you will be glad to know, it was a worthwhile purchase. The stuff is really good. I don’t put milk in it, and it is rather delicious.

It isn’t quite like over the stove tea, the flavour isn’t nearly the same, but the taste is favourable on my taste buds.

The packaging is also quite pretty:

Masala Chai

Masala Chai 2

As you can I see I have focused on the best before end date with my awesome photography skills.
On a more serious note, I really like that deep red of the inside packaging, and the design of the teapot of on the outside box.

I would rate this (on the GeniusITM scale of course) 8/10. It was delicious, not quite over stove standard or Drink me spiced chai latte standard, but still pretty good.


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