The Wedding Diaries Part 1

I have been blessed to attend many weddings in the month of August (averaging one a week). The blessed part is I see it as be present as the doors of heaven open for Duas (wishes) during the time of Nikkah.

The only part of weddings I actually enjoy is the lecture (the possibility of learning something new), the Nikkah (heaven opening), and the end where you get to meet people that you don’t ordinarily get to meet.

I will be posting over the course of this month, the colour that I wore, which I think is of huge importance to the readers (can you read the sarcasm), and what I learnt in the lecture.

Grey. Yes, I looked awesome and not dull at all.

The lecture was actually pretty good and I was pleasantly surprised. I’m not going to do a summary of the lecture, but more things I found interesting, and those one liners that make a lecture.

The pursuit of happiness is universal – in all people and in all religions. “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” is used in the United States Declaration of Independence.

We have created within you to find Sakeenah. (30:21)

Marriage is an ethical contract. You are taking each other as an amanah (trust), and a believer never betrays a trust.

Prophet Muhammad asked Imam Ali after one day of marriage, how is my daughter Fatema?

Imam Ali replied: She is the best of believers in the obedience of Allah.

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