The Wedding Diaries Part 4 – More Grey

This is the last of The Wedding Diaries for 2016, for me, the Wedding Season is over for the year (thank God).

This one was different for me, I actually wanted to go. When they told me the date, I said I was there, I didn’t need an formal invitation, I wanted to come for their special day.

There is a long standing joke we have. We only meet once a year, but for those 2 days it’s wajib for us to meet.

This individual is a gem in my eyes, such a beautiful character. We met just a few weekends ago, and they kept me sane despite the pressure for which I am incredibly grateful for.  Few people have always got your back in the tough times, but they, without a shadow of a doubt, had mine. And was rejoicing with me in the victories. Few people have your back, but even fewer people will be happy for you when you succeed. 

Imam Ali  says “Live amongst people in such a manner that if you die they weep over you, and if you are alive they crave for your company.” I never quite connected to this Hadith until this weekend, for me, they embody this Hadith. I feel like I want to spend time with them, because of the amount of coolness they radiate.

They also mentioned their community work, I felt so inadequate (in a good way), of how much I serve God, and how much time I dedicate to serving God, and I think its important to make friends with the people who will inspire you to serve God 

I feel honoured to call them my friend 

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