The Wedding Diaries Part 2 – Lime Green

Carrying on from The Wedding Diaries Part 1, I will continue to share what I learnt. This lectures theme was love.

Surely (as for) those who believe and do good deeds for them will Allah bring about love. (Qur’an 19:96)

Allah uses the word Wudd which comes from one of his names – Ya Waddud.

There are many types of love:

Jawad = generous

Karim = so you never need to ask again

Raouf = gentle type of love

Halim = forebearing.

Waddud is a deep penetrating love and no comparison. Scholars say it is the apex of love Allah can bestow upon us. Ishq is love so much it hurts but Wuddud is higher than that. We sometimes cannot receive such love because we place a barrier upon us.

Driving force of why you do what you do.
Better to do things before the master asks. Despite being in wudhu. Do again
Are you present in the present. Taking a photo for Instagram or Facebook

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