Update in Life

My aim for 2015 was to ensure I post at least every week onto my blog – that flopped after 3 weeks. The saddest thing was, I had material, I had ideas to post, I simply couldn’t be bothered. However, I have started again, so let’s see how long this phase lasts…

So an update on my life:

1. I am going to start studying again, alongside working fulltime – this is a challenge and a half
2. There maybe some #LAM posts coming, I don’t know I haven’t decided yet
3. I found an awesome recitation of Surah Noor in January which then became Tune of the month:

4. I made an incredible ‘My Precious’ (LoTR reference) comment in December, which I am still proud of (it’s now February), and I am going to try and milk it one more time (#LAM)
5. I made Emmet’s double decker couch which cost me a tenth of the price that you would buy it in shops – all I needed was a few pieces from Bricklink. Although its lime green not Medium Blue, but I don’t really mind.
6. I taught the story of Prophet Yusuf (Joseph) to a bunch of 6 year olds at my local Saturday school, and they learnt his name (Prophet Yusuf), he had 11 brothers and he was very handsome.
7. I’m impressed I am currently on number 7 of my list, let’s try and go longer and go for number 8, even through this one is moot
8. Community (the TV series) is on UK Netflix. I am so excited 😀
9. I am all about the Netflix – it is super awesome, and if you watch enough TV, you can totally make it worth your money

So really I had 8 updates to share with you – hope you enjoyed them 🙂

– G

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