I don’t believe we (I basically) do enough exercise in life. Once we become adults and enter the working world, life becomes so incredibly busy. Work commitments, family commitments, social commitments, and so once we have enough money, we buy a car, so we can make all these commitments. We feel rushed for time, so anytime we go anywhere, has to be by car, because it’s quicker. But do you not think that is part of the reason we are so very unhealthy in life. We can go places, but maybe walk there. Yes, it will take you a substantial amount longer, but you will not necessarily lose weight, but not put on any. In my humble opinion, of one who has no science background, we should all be walking more in life.

Look at the nature, the architecture on building, and the people walking. It gives you that chance to think quite literally on the meaning of life. It gives you ‘Me’ time, something everyone craves for in life.

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