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Lego Pet Shop (10218) Review Part 3

So this is actually the Pet Shop, and not the house. I know you have all ( I use word all loosely, I know it is the one person who is reading this from Paris. Thank you by the way). It starts Epic, look at the tiles. The dog is eyeing up the cat, it could get nasty in here.… Read more →

Lego Pet Shop (10218) Review Part 2

Bags 2 are opened With all the bases, and the beginnings of the walls, I never know what’s going to happen… …It turned into this So there is supposed to be a minifigure painting the wall, but he appears to have gone on a coffee break, and so wasn’t present for the picture The staircase The Top Floor Flowers Storage… Read more →

Lego Pet Shop (10218) Review Part 1

So it came. The Pet Shop, after only waiting 3 days, which I thought was pretty good. The Box was Huge. Huge I tell you, Huge. Imgur readers, I wish I had a banana, then you could see it to scale. It says 16+, I know, I am post 16, but let us not dwell on how the minimum age… Read more →

I am a Child…

I am a child. And I’m ok with it. Let me explain, I have always been a big fan of jigsaws, last year in my final year of university I got a Hobbit Jigsaw, it was the best Jigsaw ever. And so once I had secured employment (someone paying me money…everymonth!!!) I decided to invest in things which I had… Read more →

New Year Musings

This morning was difficult. Difficult to get out of bed. Although I wasn’t really off in the Christmas period, just knowing that the nextbank holiday would be in Easter. That’s 4 months away. But let’s be real, I have job, so I truly have something to be gratefulfor. Its in my field, for an awesome company, what more do I… Read more →

New Years Resolutions

Its easy to make resolutions just because it is the new year. Its only natural, there is a certain sense of change that goes on as the new year comes about. But let’s try and aim for something concrete, for ourselves and society as a whole. And the way to do this (in my humble opinion) is to your bit… Read more →