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Ramadhan Reflections 2017/1438

I begin in the Name of God This month has gone too fast. This blessed month has passed us and only God knows if we will get another opportunity to live in this month again. It is also amazing in what the body can withstand. Not eating or drinking for 20-21 hours straight and we are still functional human beings.… Read more →

Allah only obligated fasting so that the affluent and the needy are (made) equal by it. That is (because) the affluent is not able to come across the experience of hunger so that he has mercy upon the needy, because every time the affluent wants something, he is able to (get) it. So Allah exalted wanted to equalise between His creation, and to (make) the affluent taste hunger and pain so that he sympathises with the weak and has mercy upon the hungry.


Husayn ibne Ali

Wear that which neither makes you famous nor degrades you

Ali ibne Abu Talib

The best of your brothers (friend) is one who shows you the path of guidance, makes your acquire piety and prevents you from following your lowly desires


Ali ibne Abu Talib