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God and Prayer

Had God wanted, our entire prayer would be bowing in prostration, but He didn’t want that for us. The greater part of it is standing, not bowing. Over and over again in the Qur’an, God says, “Stand in prayer”. Far fewer times does He say, “Bow” or ‘Postrate’. But here is the thing: Eeven in that most humbled state, when… Read more →

Trustworthiness leads to truthfulness

Ali ibne Abu Talib

The noblest of personal merits is good etiquette

Ali ibne Abu Talib

Remembrance of the Hereafter is a cure and a remedy


Ali ibne Abu Talib

A friend is one whose friendship is true (even) in absence


Ali ibne Abu Talib

Place your concern and effort for Your Hereafter

Ali ibne Abu Talib

Starting to Blog…Again!

I begin in the Name of God. Countless times I have promised myself I will blog more, and I have failed countless times. For me, it’s the distraction of YouTube and Netflix and before I know it the evening has come to it’s end, and nothing happens. I have decided to make it easy for myself, inshallah I will be… Read more →

January Book Haul

I have gotten to the stage where I seem to buying more books than I can read. I was recommended a website which tracks the price of kindle books and emails you when they drop to the price you are willing to pay, the link is here. Back in December, I ordered the three books that Sufi Studios have created… Read more →

Organising my Evernote

I begin in the Name of God I have written something to this accord before here, but I use evernote – and I love it. I have a HP laptop and an Apple iPhone and so for me to transfer information seamlessly, Evernote is the easiest way. I have been using it for over two years and I have literally… Read more →