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My New Year’s Resolutions

I have never been one for making New Years Resolutions, rather I believe in continuous change throughout the year. But this year, or rather towards the end of  2016, I have been reflecting on things I would have liked to achieve in 2016, or would like to achieve in 2016. Hence I have have come up with personal goals I… Read more →

Fajita Pasta Recipe

I don’t really enjoy the act of cooking, I much prefer the act of eating. However, when I want to eat something, I have to make it or go without. I came across this recipe on buzzfeed for Fajita Pasta. It looked Good. When making, I did amend the recipe, so firstly, I used more than one pan. One pan… Read more →

September has Arrived

    I’m not sure how I feel about this, September has arrived. How fast has 2016 flown. After an incredible Bank Holiday Weekend, where God gave me so much, that I am not even sure what I have done to deserve it. Alhamdullilah as you can see from the August roundup, I managed to post regularly to my blog,… Read more →

August Roundup

I begin in the Name of God. I am excited to post this months roundup, it has been a month a variety of content and I am also quite proud of myself, where I have been posting regularly. Qur’an Mondays are still going strong with Surah Hujurat, Surah Fatir, Surah Kahf, Surah Luqman, Surah Zukhruf. I have attended weddings throughout August, and… Read more →