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Cloud Cuckoo Land Review

As mentioned on a previous Taco Tuesday blog post found here, I bought this set simply because it was reduced to £5. It wasn’t something I was particularly interested in the set, and wasn’t really temped to build it, but for my readers out there (I know I can count you on one hand), I felt I had an obligation… Read more →

Doctor Who Review – Part 2

The inside of the Tardis. Remember it is bigger on the inside than on the outside. I had high hopes for this after I really liked the Tardis box itself. The build was ok, it was interesting to see how it came together in the end but I think I missed a step because the heart of the Tardis (the… Read more →

Doctor Who Review Part 1

Here we go, the build and review of the Lego Doctor Who set. I was excited, I can’t claim I wasn’t. In all honesty, I was mainly after the Tardis, Daleks, and the Doctors. But we shall see what the build entails. So you can see on the box its a little dented but I’m more concerned about the parts… Read more →

April has come

I begin in the Name of God I have wanted to write a Friday musing post for a while, but I was putting it off, and found it easier to just schedule Taco Tuesday and Qur’an Monday posts. A quarter of  2016 has passed. A quarter. Of 2016. Time is flying. I have no idea where it has gone. I… Read more →

Lego Haul – Doctor Who

Double Points. Free Shipping. VIP points. Chicken Suit Guy. It’s like a sign that I must buy more Lego. Naturally after researching what sets are out there, within my budget, within my shelf space, I have been eyeing up this Doctor Who set for a while. I have always liked Doctor Who, I started watching it with Christopher Eccleston and… Read more →

Nexo Knights Ultimate Macy Review

Here we go, Ultimate Macy Review. Box art is similar to Ultimate Clay Parts in the plastic Parts out of the packaging. I’m liking the contrast of the red and green studs – very christmas-y   Macy in all her amour. From the side. So this a bazooka (or what I like to call it). If you turn the turnable… Read more →