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Nexo Knights Ultimate Clay Review

I did a Haul post earlier for the Nexo Knight Ultimate Series that I bought. Check it out here. A close up of the Packaging. It goes wider at the bottom, and is narrow at the top. The packaging is quite deceiving, I thought I was getting more parts, I’m not complaining, I thought I got a fair amount of… Read more →

Lego Haul – Nexo Knights

This is going to be as impulsive as I get. I have been eyeing up the Nexo Knight Ultimate sets for a while, most specifically Aaron. Brickset  had posted that some of the new superhero and speed champions had been spotted in Asda, naturally I went for a stroll on my lunch hour to see if I could acquire any –… Read more →

Bricklink Store

I have started a Bricklink store, because I realised that I have a lot of parts that are just sitting there. It could be useful to sell the parts to then buy more lego (obviously). What else would I do with the extra windfall of cash. My original plan was to purchase a Lego Train Set, but now I am eyeing the… Read more →

Lego Haul from Brick_A_Brack

I was after a specific crown piece, but naturally I couldn’t just buy that, I had to purchase other items as well. I stumbled upon Brick_A_Brack who had the crown piece and other minifigures are wanted (not needed). I mean when do you really need Lego minifigures in life, apart from to customise your Lego  calendar every month. You can already… Read more →

Lego Magazines

If I can’t buy Lego, I must read about them. I am on a buying freeze at the moment, partly because I want to add something awesome to my collection, which has been moot until recently. I am eyeing up The Hulk Buster, but I can live without it. However, what I really want (not need), is… The Ferris Wheel,… Read more →

Lego Pet Shop (10218) Review Part 3

So this is actually the Pet Shop, and not the house. I know you have all ( I use word all loosely, I know it is the one person who is reading this from Paris. Thank you by the way). It starts Epic, look at the tiles. The dog is eyeing up the cat, it could get nasty in here.… Read more →

Lego Pet Shop (10218) Review Part 2

Bags 2 are opened With all the bases, and the beginnings of the walls, I never know what’s going to happen… …It turned into this So there is supposed to be a minifigure painting the wall, but he appears to have gone on a coffee break, and so wasn’t present for the picture The staircase The Top Floor Flowers Storage… Read more →

Lego Pet Shop (10218) Review Part 1

So it came. The Pet Shop, after only waiting 3 days, which I thought was pretty good. The Box was Huge. Huge I tell you, Huge. Imgur readers, I wish I had a banana, then you could see it to scale. It says 16+, I know, I am post 16, but let us not dwell on how the minimum age… Read more →