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I started to sort out my bookshelf, mainly because I have started to run out of space on it. I am very proud of the fact that I have a bookshelf and it is rather full. Granted before the sort, it was a lot of haphazard piles, now there is more organisation, but still bar half a shelf it is… Read more →

Results Day

Results Day That brings back memories. I have done my A Levels, got my results, went on to university, did a placement year, graduated and I am now working. So Results day is really a memory sitting in my brain somewhere between finishing my last A Level exam and starting university in September (providing of course the memory bank stores… Read more →

Aprender una Lengua

Mi estilo de aprendizaje es…raro…tal vez no raro, pero no lo se palabra de correcto. Interpreta ‘raro’ como quiere. Investigo en la internet, muchos pagina web, blogs y a veces videos. En la momento, estoy leyendo sobre aprendizaje de idiomas. Me gustaría aprender y hablar varios idiomas, pero es requiere mucha capacidad intelectual y tomar el camino mas fácil hacia… Read more →

Those Iftar Ones.

I have had the fortune to go out with various friends to break our fast together. But this fast was special.  I went out with some old school friends,  people I did my GCSEs with, what made this special though, was the fact they belonged to a different Madhab or Muslim sect to me. Amongst the sectarian violence across the… Read more →


I had the greatest honour and opportunity to live in Spain for a year. It was true to the word experience. I don’t often speak of it, references here and there, people often forget I went just because I don’t talk about it. It’s not because I am hiding it, in fact I am very proud, I lived a year… Read more →


I sort of see it now. The attraction of celebrating your birthday, its partially enjoying it with your friends or family. But I think, deep inside us, we enjoy it because we become centre of attention. It doesn’t happen often, being centre of attention. On your graduation is another time, but apart from that, not really. Its not that people… Read more →

New Years Resolutions

Its easy to make resolutions just because it is the new year. Its only natural, there is a certain sense of change that goes on as the new year comes about. But let’s try and aim for something concrete, for ourselves and society as a whole. And the way to do this (in my humble opinion) is to your bit… Read more →

“…and He (God) answers those who believes and do good deeds, and gives them more…” (Qur’an 42:26)

When doing a good deed, worship or service, there is no need to tell anyone. — Genius in the Making (@GeniusITM) October 6, 2013 Allah will make sure that the whole world will know what an incredible good act was, in due time. — Genius in the Making (@GeniusITM) October 6, 2013 One of the greatest examples of this is… Read more →