Cloud Cuckoo Land Review

As mentioned on a previous Taco Tuesday blog post found here, I bought this set simply because it was reduced to £5. It wasn’t something I was particularly interested in the set, and wasn’t really temped to build it, but for my readers out there (I know I can count you on one hand), I felt I had an obligation to.


It is a reasonable sized box, and I was obviously excited to open it. I have head good things about the pieces and the different and new ones (that were new then). But I was more interested the minifigs. I already had Emmett, President Business and Good Bad Cop, so I definitely wanted Uni Kitty and Wildstyle.

What I already had

The minifigures that came in the set

Unikitty build was cool, I did expect it, but didn’t. I like her blue horn, the shape and the colour.

Although, Executron (the scary guy) looks really scary, but his suit looks really sharp. I am going to keep the suit and replace is head, with a less scary one.

Back to the actual Lego bricks:



I don’t normally sort my bricks as such, but I visually I thought it looked cool.


The finished build

It was an interesting build – I liked how they made it so curvy. The colours were quite cool as well, all the lighter shades.



The full shabang

The snail was a really fun build and looks really cool too – he is featured on my September Calendar, along with Wildstyle, Emmett, Unikitty and President Business. The rest of the parts are going into my Bricklink store. I don’t really want to display it and I am not into the whole playability factor.

I am glad I bought it, you can’t go wrong with a reduced to £5 Lego set. Although, apart from the snail and the minifigures, I am not so into the set.

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