Doctor Who Review Part 1

Here we go, the build and review of the Lego Doctor Who set. I was excited, I can’t claim I wasn’t. In all honesty, I was mainly after the Tardis, Daleks, and the Doctors. But we shall see what the build entails.


So you can see on the box its a little dented but I’m more concerned about the parts than the box.

It looks like a pretty big box and compared to the Exo Suit box (where I keep my minifigs that aren’t on display), it looks bigger.



Inside the Box:

I’m liking the contrast of the yellow in the box.



All 625 parts in all of its glory at a whooping 0.8 per piece. Which is a really really good rate.



Some of the parts I thought were rather cool. All printed, so stickers.



So I skipped half way through the instruction to the Dalek parts. These are the parts needed to build a Dalek.



It looks cool. I want an army of these now.


The Tardis build starts now.



So the walls on the Tardis are built like this – with a frame and clearly non clear windows.



It looks really clean with the tile covering up the plates.


All built and its really quite study, if I drop it, it’s not likely to break. It also looks like a Tardis, if you know what I mean. I’m impressed.


The inside. On the studs, you place your Doctor. I like the inside, the printed door with the reverse writing gives it that nice touch.


The parts I was eyeing up when purchasing the Set.


How awesome does it look. I’m so glad I decided to purchase this set. I’m as impressed I was when I built the Pet Shop.

The Tardis and the Daleks I feel are all in proportion. The colours are spot on. The minifigs look like Peter Capeldi and Matt Smith.

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