Doctor Who Review – Part 2

The inside of the Tardis. Remember it is bigger on the inside than on the outside.

I had high hopes for this after I really liked the Tardis box itself.

The build was ok, it was interesting to see how it came together in the end but I think I missed a step because the heart of the Tardis (the long blue thing), wasn’t quite standing straight.


The printed tiles were really cool though. I’ve not seen them before, they may or may not be new to the set, but they were definitely new to me.


That is how it linked together, it is a cool playing feature. However for me, it’s not about play feature but more about the build and how it looks displayed.


This is the rest of the minifigures in the set: Clara and a Weeping Angel. Personally, I enjoyed Clara, she had some cool dialogue with Matt Smith, but I was always about Rose and Donna. The DoctorDonna was by far the best story arc.

I am not a fan of the weeping angels. They really scare the living daylights out of me, I’ve watched a little of the first episode in which they were introduced, but since then, I have purposely avoided them.



Overall, the Doctor Set has good things and bad things for me. I love the Tardis, the Doctors, and the Daleks (namely Part 1). The inside, weeping angels and Clara, I’m not such a fan of.

And as such, the Tardis, Doctos and Daleks are proudly displayed on my April Lego Calendar.

I’m glad I did buy this set, despite not particularly liking half the set. The Tardis Box itself is just too cool and pretty much makes up for it.

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