Lego Haul – Mighty Micros and Cloud Cuckoo Palace

I often go to the John Lewis Lego aisle just to see what’s going on and if what the going price is. From experience, John Lewis has one of the lowest standard price for Lego.

I have been eyeing up the Mighty Micros since Lego first launched them, I didn’t know how much I would enjoy the build and if I would like the the ‘micro’ version of the superheros and villans.

I took the plunge and bought Robin vs Bane, I liked Robins car, it’s a classic build which you can easily replicate in other colours. It was also the cheapest there, I’m all for Lego that is cheap.

Quite by accident, I came across the last Cloud Cuckoo Palace that was on reduced for £5. That is by far the best Lego deal I have come across. So obviously I bought it.

Looks like my weekend is sorted.

Lego Haul

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