Lego Pet Shop (10218) Review Part 3

So this is actually the Pet Shop, and not the house. I know you have all ( I use word all loosely, I know it is the one person who is reading this from Paris. Thank you by the way).

It starts Epic, look at the tiles.

The dog is eyeing up the cat, it could get nasty in here.

Nope, it is all good, we have walls now

This is cool, it is up there in the ranks with the Loo.

All the pets are in, the fish in the top right, the parrots in the bottom left. The food and accessories (maybe) behind the cash register on the wall

We have windows and stairs (always a good sign in my opinion)

The Pet Shop. That Pet Shop sign was a bugger (like many other things) to make. Although incredibly designed, I didn’t realise what I was making, until I was a fair bit through. The lamp post, you get in each of the modulars, its rather pretty I think.

Floor 1: The kitchen. It looks really neat, the cooker looks rather realistic, despite its petite size and its made of Lego. And the fireplace is rather cool, as you will see in later pictures it has a chimney pipe all the way up.

The slanted tiles look really sweet, and next to it, is the desk, with a chair (which is coming..).

The tiles look better now with the stairs. See the chair, it was coming, I wasn’t lying… :p

The windows of the first floor, and perhaps it maybe an artistic shot…or something

This is also an artistic shot, or I am showing you the clock at a really bad angle, you choose

Now the top floor, I appear not to have taken as many photos, so here is essentially the finished product. The bed:

Almost finished

Top floor finished

The window design, yes I agree, it is pretty

Finished, actually finished. Both properties standing side by side

The minifigures doing there thing outside, it had to be outside, otherwise its just inconvenient to take a picture.

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