Nexo Knights Ultimate Macy Review

Here we go, Ultimate Macy Review. Box art is similar to Ultimate Clay


Parts in the plastic


Parts out of the packaging. I’m liking the contrast of the red and green studs – very christmas-y



Macy in all her amour.


From the side. So this a bazooka (or what I like to call it). If you turn the turnable thingy it shoots out the studs. Powerful in it’s own right.


So on her other hand is her warhammer type thing. I didn’t build it properly, but it has cool 1×1 silver slope. This is a new piece and looks rather cool.


The end result, with the frame and the pellets in it’s case.



I’m not a fan. I liked Clay, Macy on the other hand. Not my cup of tea. I got her because she looked fairly cool on the box set, but in person she looks proportionally uncool. I decided quite early on that I didn’t like the set that much simply from the minifigure. And so I put the parts in my Bricklink Store.

There are other ‘Ultimates’ being released in the summer: Axl and Lance. Lance looks quite cool with the trans-clear amour. But I don’t think I will buy either of them.

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