15th of January Musings

I begin in the Name of God.

It hit me this morning, that it was the 15th of January that means we are half way through the first month of the year. Half way through! I had plans for Janiuary, one of them of course was to make a new year’s resolution, that’s still on the to do list.

It’s easy to just pass the day, the week and the month just by getting by. Doing your stint at work, coming home, spending time with family, eating, relaxing and then it’s the next day. Weekend comes, your either busy or not. Either way, you’re too busy to think about where your life is heading or your relaxing, trying to get over the busy week you have had at work. Again, you don’t want to contemplate on where you are heading generally in your life.

Writing this, I am thinking about what I need to do (make a new year’s resolution), but really when thinking about that, I am also thinking when I am going to do it, I am thinking that I can do it tomorrow, just putting it off, until I see life swish past me and then it’s too late.

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