The Hussaini Movement #SomosHussaini

I begin in the name of God.

The Hussaini Movement.

I was inspired maybe 2 years ago and thus came up with #SomosHussaini which means we are Hussaini. Interestingly, I used Somos as opposed to estamos. Now in English they both mean ‘we are,’ but in Spanish Somos is a permanent state and Estamos is a temporary state. Somos generally used in a permanent situation like how one acts or where one is from. Whereas estamos used in things that commonly change.

The fact that I used Somos means that this state of being Hussaini is built in within us. We all strive to be Hussaini.

Now this definition of Hussaini. I could be totally wrong and I accept liability if this is in fact wrong. But for me, personally, Hussaini is goodness. Goodness is natural. Goodness that aims to serve God, and in turn people. Providing them what they need.

You see in this month – Muharram, people will go out of there way to serve. Its amazing really, the lengths people will go to serve the message of Hussain. This is the Hussaini Movement. Centers holding majalises, people attending majalises, people attending majalis for Hussain, but they wouldn’t go throughout the year. This is the Hussaini Movement. Doing whatever you can do, within your constraints for Hussain.

This message of Hussain is reverated in the hearts of Man. Let us hear that call, and create the Hussaini Movement within us.

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