I enjoy playing Sports. Do you?

I have always enjoyed playing sports and generally exercise. From a young age, I was always encouraged, after school clubs, with my local community, I was always picked and dropped and never had to worry about transport, and I suppose this provided me the basis to enjoy the game because I didn’t have to worry about the smaller things like transport.

Currently my game is Table Tennis at my local Leisure center on a Tuesday evening. Mostly the people who attend are fairly serious and play in the league for the club. I admire their dedication, but truth be told I cannot commit on their level. Playing at home is ok for me, Tuesday is a good day for me, but committing to away games, that I cannot do. There is no tell on what day of the week it could be. I know it is not that often but for me, I am not into committing to the sport to play at that level.

I do enjoy it though, I really look forward to my Tuesday evenings. I am not sure if it is the actual sport of table tennis or a sport in general, but Tuesday after Table Tennis I am on a high. I good high of course, and if it didn’t finish so late, I would genuinely be tempted to study and be productive. However, I need to be awake the next day for work, so I go straight to bed and get a really good nights sleep.

What sports (if any) do you play? What would recommend me starting next?


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