Time is Flying

It has been a while since I posted on here, I guess my enjoyment of blogging has diminished these past few months. However, I received my monthly Invoice from my hosting providers – Tsohost (which are amazing), and this made me realise if I am going to continue to pay them, I really should start posting something on GeniusITM.

2015 was an interesting year, ups and downs as is life. However, I did visit heaven so who am I to complain about life. Inshallah, if I am invited, I hope to again this year.

It is strange to think it is 2016, 16 years since it was the new millennium. How fast is life moving, even week to week, how fast does Friday come round again after working 5 days. Time is disappearing, and we will never get it back again.

May the Service be Accepted.


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