Dua Arafah extracts

Today marks the Day of Arafat where millions of Hajj pilgrims have left the city of Makkah to go to Mount Arafah.

According to ancient texts, Arafah is were Adam came down from Heaven with Eve, and he repented to the Lord. For more information check  out Dr Shariati’s book here.

On this day it is highly recomended to recite  Imam Hussain’s  dua for the Day of A’rafah. This is an absolutely stunning and powerful Du’a. I read somewhere, “Everybody knows the Hussain in Karbala, but do people know the Hussain who poured his soul to the Lord on the Day of Arafah?”

The following are beautiful extracts from the Dua of Arafah found on Twitter. – Spirituality on the internet: my kind of life

@MrHussain_RE did a series on this:




The whole Dua can be found here:

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