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January Book Haul

I have gotten to the stage where I seem to buying more books than I can read. I was recommended a website which tracks the price of kindle books and emails you when they drop to the price you are willing to pay, the link is here. Back in December, I ordered the three books that Sufi Studios have created… Read more →

Alef Bookshop

The trip to Burgerista Bros was incredibly fruitful, I ate good food, found Sherlock Holmes’ flat, and then came across an epic bookshop – and I mean epic.   There are inspirational quotes on the walls pertaining to books and reading. But the best bit, was that there was a whole section devoted to ethnic writers from the Arab world… Read more →

Huge Book Haul

I enjoy reading, and as a child I have fond memories of going to our local public library, taking out the maximum amount of books (it was 12), and returning a few days later, and repeating the cycle. As an ‘adult,’ with an income of sorts, I have been buying books. Now normally it is 1 or 2 every or… Read more →