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Huge Book Haul

I enjoy reading, and as a child I have fond memories of going to our local public library, taking out the maximum amount of books (it was 12), and returning a few days later, and repeating the cycle. As an ‘adult,’ with an income of sorts, I have been buying books. Now normally it is 1 or 2 every or… Read more →

The Kindle Way

I begin in the Name of God I love my kindle, truly I do. I think its definitely the way forward in reading books. Before I bought it, I was very much Team Books, because you can hold it, turn the pages, and we all know of that new book smell. There is just a certain essence about owning a… Read more →


I started to sort out my bookshelf, mainly because I have started to run out of space on it. I am very proud of the fact that I have a bookshelf and it is rather full. Granted before the sort, it was a lot of haphazard piles, now there is more organisation, but still bar half a shelf it is… Read more →