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USC Study: Limited Fasting Can Revitalize Immune System

Fasting for as little as 72 hours can regenerate the entire immune system, even in older individuals, report scientists from the University of Southern California. While fasting diets have been criticized by nutritionists for being unhealthy, new research published in the journal Cell Stem Cell suggests holding back nutrients from the body prompts stem cells to produce new white blood… Read more →

My identity. My purpose. Me.

Hi, I am a Muslim, and I am not a terrorist. This is my identity. This is me. Muslim. I have submit myself to God- the epitome of perfection . This is my purpose in life. Often people will ask why are we here? What is the purpose of our existence? I can never give the answer to this, not… Read more →

The Revolution Starts Here.

Jews have been persecuted since the beginning. The holocaust showed how truly they had been oppressed and the Jews voiced their opinions and have made it so that none of us forget the atrocities that happened to them. And rightly so, we must not forget what happened to them, despite them being from a different faith to me, they are… Read more →