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Dua Arafah extracts

Today marks the Day of Arafat where millions of Hajj pilgrims have left the city of Makkah to go to Mount Arafah. According to ancient texts, Arafah is were Adam came down from Heaven with Eve, and he repented to the Lord. For more information check  out Dr Shariati’s book here. On this day it is highly recomended to recite … Read more →

Chapel Hill Shooting

I will be honest with you, the first thing I do after switching my computer on when I get into work is checking the news, namely BBC, Guardian and the Independent. And I am surprised, I fully expected there was to be more news coverage on the Chapel Hill Shootings, only the Independent has it on the front page, and… Read more →

Largest Peaceful Gathering in History

Welcome to the land of angels..#Karbala#ArbaeenWalkRead this to know why millions do this: http://t.co/RpvDthIYco pic.twitter.com/RYi0OWO74e — Sayed M. Modarresi (@SayedModarresi) December 12, 2014 (2014) 21 million pilgrims have gathered in Karbala for Arbaeen – Largest peaceful gathering in history. #ImamHussain pic.twitter.com/XdJWTck7PS — حسن يزدى ☕️ (@H_Yazdi786) December 13, 2014 https://twitter.com/Walle_AJ/status/543472331688267776 Longest prayer chain happened today in Iraq between Najaf and… Read more →